Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I got my University Jacobean Credential today!

The document functions like a pilgrim's passport, granting me entry torefugios and albergues along the path. It's just a large piece of paper with many places for stamps from universities and other places along my camino, with a map of the universities and a small amount of information. Unfortunately it seems that this credencial can only be used to gain either the student's certificate or the religious compostela, not both.

Amusingly, I was almost about to email the University of Navarre because they had indicated it had been sent some time ago, but I hadn't received it. Then, when sorting through some mail this morning I found a final reminder notice from Australia Post to come pick up a registered international package. Funny, how something I'm so eagerly awaiting can still get lost, but not bills or other less desirable correspondence.

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